Wednesday, February 04, 2009

One third of broadband users is an "illegal downloader"

"One third of all broadband Internet subscribers worldwide admits to having downloaded movies or TV-shows illegally."
What they do not say is that the fast connection is very sought of mainly for that purpose.
"Most people do not download copyrighted videos on a regular basis though. The survey found that only 4% of the total sample admitted doing so. "
Well one always wonders that there are so many stupid’s who risk just on the sake of truth.
Luckily the higher percentage belongs to the ones who know how to shut their mouth...
“You wouldn’t steal…” campaign is a prime example of a failed campaign.
Why should you be ashamed to do in a very small scale what most do at a larger scale?
And I am talking of Bankers, Managers, Politicians.
One steals as he can... with his small or big chances...
"The rise of illegal downloading is clearly a signal that customers want something that is unavailable through other channels."
And especially something that comes for free...
In a marketing world where what mostly sells is the "special offer" "pay one and grab two", the "pay nothing and grab as much as you like" sounds beautifully.

"So, should sharing copyrighted material be legalized?"

Where would the fun be? And the profits of the high speed internet providers?
Some may object that content IS NOT KING, but in this case is at least "Queen".
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