Thursday, February 26, 2009

The weak? He will have to conform...

Once it was that the strongest of the species who were the ones to survive; in principle now it is exactly the same, the only difference being that the strongest are the most intelligent, because they are the most responsive to change.
Yes we can.
We can because we have to.
At least the strongest will.
Oil is getting a thing of the past.
It began being the thing of the past since the 70s.
We have tried in every way to keep it alive, telling lies and believing in miracles.
Because the idea of something working and producing in our place, when we are idly enjoying life is something that always had some sort of attraction in the collective imagination.
Progress in the eyes of the many means working less and enjoying more.
May be doing exactly the same: working, but as a hobby, not as a duty.
Progress is concentrating in what we like to do.
Being able to earn a good living without any hassle, and physical work.
Let the computer and the other machines work for you, while you just count money.
That is a nice sport, too bad it is just "virtual" and it gets more and more "virtual".
The change means exactly that: leaving the virtual where it belongs and coming into reality.
The strongest will be able to do it, because they already understood.
The weak?
He will have to conform...
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