Sunday, February 12, 2012

28 Weeks Later

Posted by Von Battle

While watching direct tv cary, I got hooked to a new show called “The River”. The show is about an explorer who gets lost on the Amazon river and his family sets out to search for him. The first few minutes of this show totally freaked my wife out. It was not at all what we expected it to be. My wife was already skeptical of my choice of movies and shows, now she will probably watch anything I recommend again. When she was eight months pregnant with our first son, I took her to see a movie just to get her out of the house. I told her that the movie we going to see was a sequel of a good movie I had seen several years earlier. I assured her that the movie was just slightly suspenseful and that she had nothing to worry about. Needless to say we were only 5 minutes into the horror zombie flick “28 Weeks Later”, until she threw her bag of popcorn at me and walked out of the theater.
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