Saturday, February 25, 2012

The things we do, the choices we make

We all have been sort of brainwashed about our role in society.
Women, real women have to be this and that; real men have to be this and that.
In one way we have overcome it, but not completely.
It comes back, like the memories we have of our childhood, where it was appropriate to behave in one way and not in the other.
We are conditioned in our actions and never completely free.
Men have this stupid idea that a woman, the woman of their dreams, must have a certain kind of curves in the right place, it doesn’t matter she has a certain kind of ideas in the wrong place.
Women are freer, not because they are more intelligent, just because they have less testosterone.
Hormones are the ones which very often drive our behavior, especially in people with weak will and strong physical needs. And this is the point where smart people can play with your mind, using your senses, using the ideas you were taught as a child, using your feelings and your sense of right and wrong.
Actually teaching you to change your mind.
Sometimes I have this feelings that I have been used, to reject (when I was a teen ager) the kind of girl I had been brought up to be.
Free love, no family, no boundaries, no feminine attributes.
It felt great, as long as you do not go on destroying your life.
May be the right role, as usual, is in the middle, not too woman, not too man.
Woman when you need to be one and man when you need something else.
In my house I wash the dishes and my husband dries them.
And it would even be better if my husband was NOT a German.
Because he WILL never wash the dishes, IT IS NOT HIS duty.
We Italian tend to be a little more “elastic”, I wouldn’t care if I had to dry them…
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