Thursday, February 23, 2012

No win, NO pay

There are two magic words.
One is FREE, and this is absolutely the one I like best.
Unless it is free as long as you pay in a different way, which sometimes can be quite expensive.
I usually, due to bad experiences, tend to fear the sound of it...
The second one, much more reliable is "affordable".
That means "it is not free, but it has a price you can pay" which for me sounds good.
So, once I decide I need a service, I try to find the "affordable" one.
But, what can you define affordable?
Not only what you can pay, actually it is what brings you the ROI with which you will be able to pay...
And what can you define as affordable seo services?
Cheap is not enough.
What is the use of something cheap if it doesn’t produce results?
It doesn’t matter if you can afford it, if the results are zero, it is actually a loss.
On the market there is something available that I would call absolutely the best.
It works this way: You define the goals.
You say what you want to rank for. You can even suggest the keywords you want your website to be ranked for.
Eventually you can get useful suggestions, about the content you should add, what meta tags or keywords and so on...
Then you just have to wait...and this is the best: YOU PAY ONLY if you get results...
Does it sound great? It does to me.
Does it sound affordable? No doubt.
It sounds so great that it looks almost unbelievable.
Why should somebody offer you to pay JUST when you see results?
Because they know YOU WILL.
And under these conditions I really guess it would be insane, not to try...
No win, NO pay.
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