Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Italy: the beginning of an European dictatorship

It happens when you are so busy talking about the economy that you forget democracy.
Perhaps from a technical point of view, the Monti government is not a coup d’├ętat, but actually it is nothing else than that.
It was Napolitano who nominated it having under pressure of the EU to avoid the "economic collapse" denied by all parties and institutions till one month earlier. Where the hell have they been? Picking daisies?
The former Berlusconi government and Parliament itself are not the expressions of democracy but the offspring of the partytocracy. It is the distortion of the will of the people.
Napolitano plays his part defending the parties from “anti-politics” and from direct democracy.
We have an unconstitutional Parliament of convicted criminals, useless and incapable people with no skill, who wouldn’t even find a job as dishwashers, “appointed” by five party secretaries.
They have failed but are still there telling us what to do.
Italy’s obscure illness is the partytocracy that since the end of the last war, step by step has reduced any space for democratic confrontation and has taken control of the State.
“Calling deputies and senators “representatives of the people” no longer means today what was meant by this term in other times: they are nothing else than employees of their party.
The parties have been transformed from free associations of volunteer-believers, into organized armies with a top level staff of Commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers in permanent active service.
The outcome of the election depends on the choice of candidates and that is done not by the voters, but by the party functionaries.
And the candidates, rather than having personal merit in specific professional competences are chosen for their attitude to becoming good functionaries of their party in Parliament.
Since then, the situation has got worse. Democracy is denied and there is no important decision relating to the citizens taken by them but by the parties that allow themselves every license thanks to the corrupted and slave media.
With the results of the referendums, expressing people´s will, like the ones on party financing and nuclear, they clean their bottoms.
Popular initiative laws, like the “Clean up Parliament” , are simply ignored.
And all this with total silence from the Constitutional Court.
What we would need is “direct democracy“: the chance to have referendums without any quorum, the obligation to vote within 60 days on popular initiative laws with open voting and the direct election of candidates.

And in all this, what does Europe do?
When you have nothing to say, it is because you agree.
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