Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When you want, you can

"As more and more broadband providers have instituted caps, I have continued to say that caps are really not necessary and that even if congestion was to be a problem, consumption caps are the wrong way to address the potential problem: congestion during peak time on the network slowing everyone down." - Sonic.Net CEO Dane Jasper

Consumption caps are like limiting traffing on a real crossing imposing fines and tolls: solving the problem creating other problems.

Sonic is turning on Sebastopol, CA customers now with home fiber connections, and has filed for permits to build a gigabit fiber network to homes in San Francisco -- as usual,with no bandwidth caps.
Their initial pilot in SF is 2000 homes in the Sunset district, with a 5-year rollout to the entire city. "The Santa Rosa-based company currently offers Fiber services in Sebastopol, Calif. Customers there can choose service with one or two included phone lines, plus ultra high-speed broadband at 100Mbps for $39.95 or 1Gbps (1000Mbps) for $69.95."
This is good news and means that when you want to make things better, you can.
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