Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How to get high ranking doing nothing...

Once selling cars was directly related to the physical place where your business was.
More people passing by, more chances to show what you had and more chances to sell.
Position meant very often everything.
That also meant that you needed to pay a high rent in order to sell...
Now things have changed.
You still need to be visible, but being your business located in a virtual place, the challenge IS NOT having an expensive show room, but catching the people to the show room you have.
First of all, your website needs more to be usable than fancy.
You still need to show your cars as well as possible, but you also need an easy to use and search website.
I personally am a minimalist; I strongly believe that the less you have, the more you can show.
But having the best website is not enough.
If your customers do not find you, is like if you didn’t exist.
So, what to do in the jungle of search engines, social networks, web directories and so on?
Either you spend a lot of time and become a guru of Internet placement (because competition is getting aggressive, believe me) or you relax, pay a little fee and leave the job to the experts.
Because the best placement, even if you are so good or lucky to get it, doesn’t last forever.
Today you can be number first in Google and tomorrow...they change algorithm and you are not there anymore...
So, my suggestion is to find the right Car Dealer SEO, decide what strategy you want to follow, make a deal and work on selling and stapling money...nice, especially the second part...
You could get your goal just with selected ads in strategic places.
Because the importance is not ONLY the number of visitor, but the QUALITY.
That means to get the right traffic of people who actually are looking for what you sell.
Try Google PPC For Car Dealers - AdLogic.
I found very interesting also the blog.
One of the post I liked more is: Where Do Carbuyers Go After Visiting
It explains in an easy and understandable way how it works.
And of course, after reading it, I realized how nice is to have somebody else who does the job...especially when it is not so expensive...
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