Thursday, February 02, 2012

About directories

A directory is a listing of suppliers of services or manufacturers of products or an organized collection of links to websites that offer certain products.
I find directories very often quite helpful, I can save a lot of time browsing and looking in the main search engines.
How many times you chose to open a page when the small description offers you what you are looking for and then you find everything but what described?
You click and wait and read are at the same point, a little bit angrier because you miss time and patience.
There are directories where not only you can find ALL the services or products you are looking for, but you can search for features you want and prices you are targeting.
For example if you are looking for a special web hosting, something that could come into your budget, with the services you are looking for, there is nothing better than just going in a directory that lists all, with in-depth information’s, where you can search by location, hosting services, price range and so on...
But that is not all, you can also find information’s and descriptions of what a good hosting should offer, what certain words mean (not everybody is a guru and knows everything in details).
For example if your budget is very limited and nevertheless you still want something worth the money you spend, you can click on webhostingpad, you can find out that it offers for just $1.99: unlimited disk space and traffic, $100 Marketing Coupons and even 30 day money back guarantee...
And you can ALSO see the customers’ reviews and ratings.
What is better than knowing the opinion of the ones who are using it?
If they have 200.000 customers, I guess they could also satisfy me...
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