Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Costa Allegra

Ours was the country of sailors and heroes. The Costa Concordia and Allegra ruined our reputation.
We passed from Cristoforo Colommbo and Amerigo Vespucci to captain Schettino.
Not a big improvement.
Now a day all our heroes are underground, the survivors either were not heroes enough or not dangerous enough.
The dead are useful to be remembered once in a while when it is convenient, when we need a nice background.
How could we define Italians today?
Mafiosi, primitive, tax evasors?
In this country nothing is certain anymore. Not work, not justice, not religion, not the media.
What is left to the average Italian is his family, the only real value he still has.
His revolution is more a retaliation.
The average Italian is already used to all: he lives where he can, does what he can do. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care.
The only goal is surviving, in spite of everything.
The Costa Allegra now is brought to the shore by a French boat, its engines are out of order, the passengers sleeping outside.
It is the photo of Italy.

Liberally taken by Beppe Grillo
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