Friday, August 19, 2005

The many flavours of the Internet

The Internet comes in many flavours.
The most important is freedom.

Freedom is a word with many meanings.
I am free to shout and say everything I like in my house, but my freedom is a limited one in this case.
If I shout on the Net, my freedom is as big as the audience of the mean I choose.

A blog has to reach many to bring a real freedom.
Besides this the Internet CAN really be one of the few means that nowaday are really free, because it is cheap, and cheap means reachable by most of the users.

This is the revolutionary side of the Internet.

Many say there is not anymore a free Media.
It is not true.
What we really lack is free journalists.
That is why in the news, on TV, in he Movies we just see and hear lies.
And these lies try to brainwash us.

This is also why we have to keep the freedom on the Net, whatever is its cost.

If for saying what I think I had to buy space in a newspaper or on TV, I wouldn't have freedom.
Freedom wouldn't exist, because the only ones who could afford to talk would be the ones with money and power.

And that is exactly the case of the media.

Thanks to the Internet I can have my personal Blog and write on it and have an audience and tell my thoughts.

This is such a sweet and delicious flavour...
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