Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What is freedom? What is progress?It is what we do not have in Italy.

We can say we have freedom and progress in a Nation when most people can have access to it.

Freedom is for nothing if your belly is empty.
Usually nice words affect more the brain than the stomach.

If in a country you have 20% of unemployed people and of the other 80% just a 10% can have access to progress, then THAT country is going backward.

What can you do with a vacuum cleaner if you cannot use it because you cannot afford the electricity bill?

What is you knowledge for if you cannot have access to the Internet because you cannot afford it or because there is no availabilty of lines where you live?

The possibilities for consumer empowerment extend beyond devices. These possibilities arise from the Internet’s open architecture, which allows consumers to freely interact with anyone around the globe.
Musicians and writers, who could never have landed a contract with a major record label or publisher, can find - or create - audiences for their work. Small town radio stations can reach people who have moved to the big city. E-Bay is another good example: gone are the days when each of us had only a small group of potential buyers for what we think is junk in our garages.
Somewhere, in the next state or the next continent, there are people who may very well want to buy that “junk” and pay us more than we ever dreamed for it.

The open internet has opened markets beyond the traditional geographic limitations.

But just for the Nations that are open to the Internet.

Italy is out.
Italians are out.

Apart from a small minority living in the big cities, most of the Italians are cut out of progress.

How do you plan to create jobs, if you deny progress?
How can the Italians compete, if they have no means to compete?

The situation is very much similar to the one we had not so many years ago with Mussolini.

Our soldiers were sent to fight to Russia, in the Russian winter, with PAPER SHOES!

And, what a shame, they lost!

How can the Italians compete with a dial up connection, no fixed IP, merchant accounts impossible to open and at prices which make the revenues obsolete!

But our FAZIO and his banks, have to keep the Monopoly.
Have to go on sucking and cheating!

Our Telecom still has the Monopoly even after the monopolies were declared finished from 1996.
Our ENEL has to keep the Monopoly and the highest price for energy in Europe.

And our politicians have the gut to shout WE ARE DOING WELL!

Who is doing well?

The politicians of course.
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