Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you looking for the best?

If you are looking for Virtual Private Server hosting, the right way to drive traffic to your website, and you are looking for the best, I can assure you, your search is finished.
Where can you find for $9.95 a month an unlimited plan that includes unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and all management included? (I forgot, the setup is free).
But that is not all.
You also find a good and friendly assistance 24hours a day, seven days a week.
That is not unimportant.
If you ever tried ANY kind of web hosting you will agree with me that if everything is OK, then everything is OK.
But when something goes wrong, there begins the pain.
Nobody knows, nobody is responsible, nobody is available and you get so angry that you would destroy everything.

You won't have to deal with a call center from nowhere (very often in India)and have to wait on the phone for hours (or even days).
That also includes availability, kindness and understanding...
If you compare that to what it would cost you to run your own
at home, you know what the choice is...( without even considering how much a good server would cost).

They also guarantee the most rigorous security.
Not only they guarantee a connection without any interruptions, but also transit only through tier-1 providers which ensure you're always connected and that your data takes the quickest, most efficient routes for optimal transfer speeds.
That means that your customers not only will ALWAYS find your website, but that they will find it in the shortest time.
Other features are:
Interruptible power
Proper temperature
Fire security

Besides the Content Syndication System will Spread your content where needed.
If you decided to be on the Internet, that is certainly the best way...
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