Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to pass your lousy cooking as "Haute Cuisine"...

I love antiques and beautiful things.
I never miss a chance to shop for nice Dinnerware, wherever I go.
There is nothing more alluring for me than a beautiful table, with a nice tablecloth and beautiful dishes and glasses on it.
I am Italian, so my favorite china is of course Richard Ginori.
The style I prefer?
Of course the old looking like Italian Fruit.
But I do not dislike the classic white china, may be with colored glasses, old Murano style.
Some time ago I purchased a set of multicolored ones and I can assure you that they look gorgeous on my grandma’s embroidered tablecloth with my pure white china.
Believe me, when you have guests, there is nothing better than presenting your dishes in a nice way, with the right accessories.
Especially if you are not a good cook like me.
The presentation makes them looking "Haute Cuisine" even if they are not...
I am so fanatic about it that recently, for my first grand child I purchased a very nice set with spoon, fork and pusher.
Of course I also bought The Very Hungry Caterpillar Set by Lunt Silversmiths that includes cup, plate and bowl with very cute and colored drawings.
May be it was little bit too soon, since he is only 7 months old, but children grow so fast and I am already preparing for when he will be a little bit older and stay with his grandma...
I know children like to be loved and this is also the way to show it, preparing a special table, just for him...
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