Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are blogs going to be the online Newspapers?

As a matter of fact, it looks like they are.
Since the dawn of TV, the latest news are offered every hour on domestic screens or lately on the Internet News websites.
Newspapers have become more opinions dispensers than news reporting.
As newspapers around the world tighten their belts, consolidate and merge, and invest less in their newsrooms and more in subliminal (euphemism) marketing promotion, they have got more and more the "aura" of unreliability and of Bullishness leaving the "fair and balanced" coverage to some day in the far away past.
Often nothing could be further from the truth than what you read on certain newspapers.
Partially it is due to the fact that newspapers, like most of today´s businesses have to produce revenues and producing revenues very often means to reach the mass, and reaching the mass ALWAYS means lowering the standards...
Or they have to please sponsors and shareholders.

On the contrary, independent blogs write to please themselves, have access through their readers to a vast sea of collective knowledge of the highest caliber.
While TV or Newspapers have to be entertaining, have to mix as much blood as possible among their reports, to attract readers and spectators, bloggers can offer quality insights, caring not for the number, but for the quality of their readers.
Sometimes the quality of the blog means quality of readers and readers do participate to the news reporting, adding personal views and knowledge with comments.
I personally have links to a few blogs I find particularly interesting and ALWAYS spend some time reading the comments.
That brought me very often to discover other interesting sites and blogs.
It is a sort of circle of friends I visit daily and from whom I take what I like, I assimilate and rewrite.
This is also another aspect of blogging versus newspapers.
It is the "personal touch" and feeling you have, being able to communicate with the writers in real time.

The "multiple" sources of the news make them more realistic and reliable.
If, for example, I read on a newspaper a review of a subject made by a journalist, admitting that he is objective, which is not always the case, and he is an expert in that subject, I value it much less than a comment of somebody who actually is a "part" of the news.
For example, if I read about a certain Bank, and a certain subject related to it, on an article written by a journalist, I am sure I have not such an objective relation as the one offered by the comment of somebody who works for that Bank or had something to do with that Bank...

Blogs ARE going to be our online newspapers, better, they already are...
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