Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Predators extinguish for lack of food (preys).

"Their call for heads to roll is purely for symbolic ones. Looking around, though, it’s hard to argue that a single human head has been taken yet in the business world. A handful of large corporations might have fallen, but no person in any leadership role has been held accountable in any way. Just the opposite –everyone in the entire country now seems to be equally responsible."

I do not believe in revenge.
Revenge to me is just forcing destiny.
I believe in life as I always saw that sooner or later, good or bad, life puts you in your place.
Why doing a job that will certainly be done, and much better, by life?
This cheating and squeezing and robbing brought in the pockets of a few a large amount of money which found its way to some heaven´s shelter.
But, admitting that the easy and enjoyable life will go on a little bit longer than for the others, man is made in a very peculiar way.
What he has is worth nothing.
It is what he doesn´t have that is alluring...
No matter how comfortable, how luxurious your life can be, it is very likely not what he would like.
Predators extinguish for lack of food (preys).
If you do not have customers any more, what will you sell and live with?
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