Saturday, May 02, 2009

A bright future for magazines

"We’ll see magazines fold and it’s going to be a lot riskier to start new ones to replace them — riskier because, just as on TV and in movies and music, it’s harder to create a blockbuster and consumer magazines depend on the blockbuster economy. Magazines don’t make money until they hit magic numbers of circulation ..." Jeff Jarvis

Well, I thought exactly the opposite.
Magazines are in my opinion the best product to go online.
The one that could profit most .
Because they are mostly, or at least a lot, made with images, beautiful images, and, since we are regressing to be a visual society, this was, is and will be the best way to communicate.
People prefer magazines to books, because reading an article takes a few minutes and that is something you can do always.
You can also just look and then read.
Online or on a reader , a virtual product, means cost highly reduced (no expensive paper, no expensive ink, no distribution or at least low distribution cost).
All of this could be covered by commercials, so that a magazine could be delivered at cost zero and what is cost zero easily finds millions, providing it is a good product.
Of course good means good for the targeted audience...
It is not a matter of what, but a matter of how much (it costs).
I always wondered why NOBODY thought to make a good online magazine...of course free...
And also a good magazine reader...
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