Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where to find all what you want to know about your next car...

What is going to be your next car?
May be the dodge challenger ?
May be you are kind of sentimental who likes oldies, but dislikes old engines...
What’s better than a car that actually looks like an oldie but competes with the equally retro Ford Mustang and upcoming Chevy Camaro for the crown of king pony car?
It has a tremendously powerful engine, the mid-range R/T offers a "5.7-liter Hemi engine (not bad if you care for gasoline) and it is defined by the Consume Guide as "quite potent, with ample passing reserves".
Or would you prefer the hyundai genesis?
That is a car I would say has a lot of Style, a little bit on the old style, but with tasteful design.
As for performance, it can be a competitor to some of the top sport sedans from Germany, and if we talk about Germany, we talk about high performance.
The base 2009 Hyundai Genesis comes with a 290-hp, 3.8-liter V-6 engine, which is quite good, talking about consumes.
Or you are looking for a luxurious sedan like the lincoln mks
It has a "bit of character that's grounded in something other than a designer's imagination."
That means it has a good design, but it is still comfortable...
"We're not wholly convinced that the MKS has real beauty, but it at least presents itself convincingly as a luxury car."
Well beauty is something quite subjective, but if you are looking for something to be envied for, this is your car.
It consumes a little bit more than other cars, but if "look" is what you are looking for...this is definitely your car...
Where did I find all these details (and much more) about styling, performance, quality, safety, features?
But of course in the car connection’s website!
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