Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new slaves of the next future: stem cells

Stem Cells have a great potential and the goal of the very next future is to use it.
They can give back memory to an Alzheimer’s patient, create new skin when necessary, make all the possible miracles.
But in order to do so, Stem Cells have to be manipulated.
A Stem cell is the origin of every cell of our body.
It can replicate and give birth to almost 220 different types of cells.
We can have Embryonic or Adult stem cells depending from where we get them.
Scientists get them from an Embryos either with reproduction or cloning.
In just a few months, several stem cells can become millions of stem cells.
The unknown is still how to tell them to differentiate in a specific tissue or cell type.
"In nature, stem cells are triggered to differentiate by internal and external cues. The internal cues are genes inside each cell, which are like a series of instructions that dictate how it should function. The external cues are chemicals released by other cells or contact with other cells, either of which may change the way the stem cell functions. "
Eventually, scientists might even be able to grow entire organs in a laboratory to replace ones that have been damaged by disease.

That is going to be the revolution in medical fields.
When an organ doesn’t work, the easiest solution will be just to "cultivate" a new one and replace it.
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