Friday, May 08, 2009

Culture is the best you can offer to your citizens

"Hawkers on a street corner can easily talk someone out of a quarter or some change, but asking someone to shell out $500 to have a reusable media source is different than asking someone to buy today's daily news for 50 cents, and even the latter is becoming more difficult. The market could easily be students if the textbook angle works out, though I would hope they'd stop exorting ... excuse me, I'd hope they'd start charging less due to reduced costs. But only fairly affluent people are going to want to pay $500 to have a device to read the paper every day. I think Murdoch assumes an eventual monopoly of the Kindle, because you can't really sell the device on the idea you can get your newspaper on it (and what affluent person is going to haul around a 10" Kindle and a laptop, which can also be used to read online newspapers?).

I think this type of reader device has a future. I'm not convinced the Kindle is the device we've been waiting for, especially if Amazon keeps hiking up the features and price in an era when people are looking for the most value."

I do not know if the Kindle has a future, I do not even care.
But e-readers have a bright future, not only because that means a cheaper newspaper.
It also brings features that no paper book or magazines or whatever can give.
3500 books in one and millions in a few DVDs.
The dream of anybody who likes to read is having as much as possible available.
And with e-readers and electronic paper they can.
It is a big step towards a future in which WHO WANTS can learn...
Those should be paid by the Government.
Culture is the best you can offer to your citizens.
Culture is Progress and Progress is Future.
Instead of wasting money in weapons, why not paying the ones who write to offer culture to the ones who read?
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