Monday, May 25, 2009

The Others

"All human effort goes in cycles. The saddest but must useful realization we can have is that there is absolutely no prize at the end of the rainbow for being good, noble or doing it right. There is no prize for societal success."

Many would answer it is wrong, good pays off, evil doesn’t.
Many are still brainwashed and will never grow up.
They have eyes, but they do not see.
Or think that what they see is not reality.
Reality MUST be something else...
Well, believe me, there is NO something else.
There is you and your life.
And also THE OTHERS.
Do not let the others live and forge your life. Do not believe in what you cannot see and experience.
Do not believe in the other life.
That was just invented to use you, to make you a sheep in this big herd which is ruled and squeezed to make some other’s life better.
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