Friday, April 04, 2008

The Art of Blogging: Business or Pleasure?

Certainly doing what you like (and I would say what you know and you’re and expert in) makes everything easier. But life is not as easy as that.
Sometimes you like things nobody is interested in, and you have to make a living, don’t you?
So I would say that it is not important to blog about the things you love, but to love the things you are blogging about.
That is what a job is.
That is what studying is.
That is what life is.
Work, hard work and not necessarily always joy and amusement.
But if you are able to enjoy what you do, to be interested in what you HAVE to write about, to find the interesting part in everything you do, that is the secret of success.
Do you want to be successful?
You do not need necessarily to write about the things you are enthusiastic for, but you certainly need to be enthusiastic about he things you write about.
I proudly can say that I wrote some posts about things I didn’t know or didn’t like, I read about them, I learned what I needed to learn and very often they came out pretty good.
There is no subject I wouldn’t be unable to write about, or better, I wouldn’t be unwilling to write about.
In principle my life is the blog I write about.
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