Friday, April 11, 2008

Election time

In Italy it is always election time.
If it is not the elections it is a referendum, if it is not a referendum it is the primaries, they vote for everything, so that the ones who are there can do what they want.
That is how important is what people think and want.
Nothing really changes.
What you do today you can be sure somebody will undo tomorrow.
It is mostly a matter of killing the time, the time necessary to reach 24 months, after which you'll get a good pension.
A good pension that will sum up to a good salary, because if you are elected once, you can be sure it will last all your life.
Andreotti is 97 years old, and he spent most of his life like a deputy.
I never counted how many times he was re-elected.
And that in spite of the fact that nobody wanted him anymore.
You vote for one party, the majority votes for that party and miraculously, you always find the same.
It is like a game where you are asked to choose in which hand is the coin.
Whatever you choose you make a mistake.
Both hands are empty.
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