Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why do you read a blog?

Reading blogs has become a habit integrated into Internet use for many people, akin to instinctively checking e-mail.
Several of the blog readers describe it as simply a way to pass the time, using terms like "wasting time" and "doing nothing." One of them describes it in terms of addiction: "I don’t really look forward to cigarettes anymore, but it's something that happens through the course of the day that I feel like I might need to do. It just becomes habit, I guess."

The temporal structure of a blog is only important due to the role it plays in where stories appear on screen. People will tend to read the top ones first, and browse deeper only if they have time—if they don't, the deeper stories generally don't get read. A product of this is that few of the blog readers felt their habits contributed to a sense of information overload.

Despite this casual approach to content, blog readers take a number of aspects of the content very seriously. One example of this dichotomy is that a reader that can't be bothered to search for new blogs beyond the ones he currently reads, but still engages in offline activities based on what he's seen in the ones he does read.

Even though blogging is an inherently one-to-many activity, most readers feel a personal connection to the author. This can foster the feeling that the reader belonges to the community even in the absence of participation, and leads those who participate via comments to agonize over their content.

My opinion is that reading a blog is like leafing through a magazine.
Today's readers mostly prefer short articles to books, pictures to words, SMS, phone's calls to letters.
The World has changed, because people have changed.
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