Sunday, April 13, 2008


Futures are basically a contract to sell or buy a commodity at a certain date.
In this they differ from the obligation, where in the first the buyer has the right, not the obligation to sell and in the second both parties, buyer and seller must fulfil the contract on the settlement date.
Futures are what is called exchange traded derivatives.
In a few words, there is always who sustaines a loss to the one who makes a profit.
Of course the goal of everybody is making profits.
This is where Sands Turtle Futures comes into the picture.
If you want to be sure to be the one who makes a profit you should trust the professionals who can help you to do so.
You could open a Managed Futures Trading Account following Sands Turtle Futures advice and just sit back and watch the profits to roll in.
How does it sound?
Russell Sands has had a phenomenal futures trading year in 2007, and shows no signs of slowing down in 2008! He is up over 300% this year alone.
And this in a moment where the financial future looks quite gloomy and uncertain and there are many more losers than winners.
Richard Dennis , the founder of Turtles, turned a $400 family loan into $200 million.
But he didn't stop to that. He recruited 14 people - some of whom had no trading experience - and taught them his trading methods.
You too can take advantage of his experience and the nice thing is that he offers you a 100% money-back, iron-clad guarantee!
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