Monday, April 28, 2008

You are a few clicks away from success...

Gold mining consists of shifting three tons of rubbish for each ounce of gold extracted.
This is how I would define the job of Clickbooth Publisher Network.
As an advertiser, if you really want effective ads and banners, if you want to pay for what you really get, if you want shifting three tons of valueless rubbish and focus only on the really effective ads, you shouldn't look anymore, because you found the right place.
And if you are a Publisher, "Clickbooth gives publishers full access to custom built rotators to deliver ads and increase conversions."
That means you will get the exactly what you need, with the help of the Top Flash designers, who will provide effective banners for top campaigns.
"Clickbooth guarantees higher conversions and the highest payouts as publishers are allowed to run offers directly cutting out the middle man."
That means more revenue and more freedom too.
If you are interested to become an onsite publisher, you will have to go through three easy steps, filling the request with your personal data, including your telephone number.
You'll be called immediately and a pin will be supplied.
On the third step you'll be required to specify your website or whatever you intend to use as an online publisher and Voila', the job is done and you just have to wait to be approved.
And if you are the lucky one, you are going to get the highest payouts in the industry.
Clickbooth offers what you need to become a top performer including proprietary technology and custom rotators to deliver ads, Dedicated experts available 24/7, internal testing to ensure maximum returns, flexible, timely payout options, and FINALLY, VERY IMPORTANT: Guaranteed highest payouts.
You are a few clicks away from success...
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