Thursday, April 03, 2008

IP Lookup

As you already know, the Internet is based on numbers, called IP Addresses.
Did you also wonder about the secrets behind those numbers ?
Well, there are some tools now to open all those secrets, which you can find on
ip lookup.

Here you will find

IP Location, Map, and Details
This tools shows you the physical location (country, state and city) of the IP you enter,
including a map.

The location might not be the city where you live in, because it will show the location of your provider who holds this IP address.

IP Traceroute

This tool gives you a list of addresses along the way to the location of the IP address, which also can be very helpful to find a problem when the IP address should not be accessable.
Visual Traceroute
This tool works like the one mention before, but shows you the result in a map.

IP to Hostname Lookup

This tool provides you with the logical name of the Host (PC/Server), which will allow you to address this location with its name instead of the numbers. This can be quite handy.

Hostname to IP Lookup

The result of this tool is exactly the opposite of the previous one as it tells you the IP address which is connected to the name of the host.

Email Source IP Address

This tool helps you to find out the source IP address of an email you have received. Just copy the header of the received email and paste it into the input field of this tool and you will get all available informations connected to this email.
It depends on the mail software you are using how to get the headers of the requested email. Uou can find some more details about how to get these informations on their website.
There are more tools and utilities available. Have a look on their website to find all the details.
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