Friday, April 18, 2008

U.K. will get the World's Largest Turbines

Clipper Wind is taking the plunge into a leadership position for offshore wind development. The Britannia project, announced last fall as a path toward testing super-sized offshore wind turbine system, will be announcing the first sale of a 7.5 megawatt wind turbine for deployment and testing in UK waters. These turbines are a touch bigger than Enercon's E-126 turbines. Enercon's turbines max out at about 7 megawatts. Clipper's turbines will take advantage of the high and steady winds of the UK's oceans to pull another 500 kilowatts.

Showing the power of targets for creating opportunities, the UK's aggressive 2020 targets for renewable power and the vision of wind power's central role in meeting these targets has drawn Clipper and other companies into the United Kingdom to help meet the demand signal. To provide scale, the projected power from just one 7.5 Clipper Wind turbine will equal, over one year, one million barrels of oil.

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