Tuesday, April 22, 2008

E-commerce will eat ALL

Once there was a market place, once there were shops and malls, and elegant roads, and big stores, once there were marketing companies and advertisements on the road, and fancy shops, and light and glamour and busy days on the shopping centres.

Soon, sooner than what we expect, all this will change.

E-commerce will eat ALL.
A computer will be our car, an internet connection the freeway, the Backbone the gasoline.
We will shop in China, in India, in Europe, in the USA.
We will shop where it is more convenient and where we find what we are looking for and, most of all, we will shop where the good advertisement will bring us.

It won't be a fancy banner or a blinking ad, or the promise of saving money, or pay one and get three.
It will be: "Hey buddy, I know what you like, I know what you need and I am good in telling jokes or making small and funny videos, or writing an interesting story.
Hey buddy, bookmark my blog, or my page and come back, I promise I will have something good to entertain you, for free of course."
And it will be: If by any chance you are looking for a new computer, or a new phone, or the latest music, or whatever I have to sell, ask me, or read what I am saying about it.
Just read. And if I am good I will sell, if I am not, I will sell to someone else.

Once there was the middle man, now there is the blogger, the writer, the video maker, the webmaster, the entertainer.

But believe me, it will be the same story with different clothes...
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