Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hedge Fund Managers

I always thought that the moments in which there was a big financial turmoil, when most people and companies lost money, that was the moment in which bunch of intelligent persons could make high profits.
The question at this point is not if or when, but how.
Of course knowing what to do and where the market is heading.
To know this you must approach the business in the right way and there is just one way for doing so: knowing the most you can.
Knowledge is everything, and the more you understand the best will be your performance.
That is why you should read articles like the one Richard Wilson wrote:
Hedge Fund Managers where he explains in a clear way what and how and when and where about Hedge Funds.
He says:” pedigree and a hedge fund manager's positioning and story behind its team can trump almost any other asset gathering barrier" and the pedigree (manager expertise) is what is essential for a positive investment process.
"In the hedge fund industry and for hedge fund managers is not what you know, it is not who you know. It is who knows you."
In a few words: the good Hedge Fund Manager is the one who is able to attract Investors.

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