Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to make people see what they do not want

The Internet should be the best media for advertising.
It is not.
Because on the Net the reader is FREE.
He can look and read, but he can avoid looking and reading.

Banners and ads are like ads on TV, people got blind to them.

So, the matter is: how can you cheat the eyes and the brain?
That is in a few words what advertising does.
They call it a kind of "information", but it is not just that.
It is "information" for "selling".
How can you inform and push people to buy?
How can you change browsing into buying?

You can create an interesting content people want to read or to look at and imbed the advertising into it.
Simple. But not easy.

I used to like to look at movies.
I thought: I will subscribe to a movie channel and be able to look at as many movies as I like.
After a little while I couldn't find a movie I really liked.
How come?
Once when they gave old movies on TV, very seldom at my times, every movie was good and interesting and enjoyable.
Now making a good movie is very though.
Making something new and different is tough.
Making something people enjoy seeing is tough.
Competition is tough.

So, the ad of the future has a long way to go, a tough way to go.
The ads that needed just a famous person to see I use this and produced a big revenue are gone.
They will have to invent something new and different, the mass is there waiting, but is getting more sophisticated in tastes...
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