Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The art of shopping

One is brought up in the wrong belief that the aim of shopping is to BUY things, mostly things you need or fancy.
For me shopping is an economical activity, to buy something to actually SAVE and not SPENDING money.
The main goal is not actually buying what I need or like, but what looks to me the "special bargain".
That is why a website which offers "very special bargains" like high discounted articles is particularly attractive for me.
One like .
There you can have from $10 to $100 off stop smoking aids at .
"I don't smoke", you will say.
I don't either, but that is not the issue.
The issue is the huge discount, and besides, I have a mother who smokes, and I am sure you have somebody more or less related who still smokes...what better chance to convince him/her to stop?
But if you are really not interested in it, and luckily you do not have anybody interested in it, don't worry.
There is such a big selection of discounted articles, I am sure you'll find something..
For example a 500 GB Hard Drive for just $109.99.
That is something you always need.
Especially if you like to save (like me) downloading free stuff on the Internet.
That is another good way of saving.
And if you share with me that hobby, you'll find just irresistible a 46" LCD for $1699.99.
And last, but not least important, if you like to do some gardening beside shopping, you have the chance to do both, saving and later planting.
You can find the most extraordinary flowers at just $24!
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