Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The beauty ladder

Everybody knows the beauty of a face begins with the right smile and the right skin.
The first is something not everybody can learn and sometimes is innate, but the second is something you can achieve using the right products.
Especially natural products.
Technology comes at our help also in this case.
Long ago they discovered that one of the first cause of aging of the skin is the so called "Oxidation", caused by the free radicals in our body.
All what is against it, could be helpful as a "antioxidant product".
There is a fruit which grows in Vietnam which is very rich in antioxidants: Gâc” (Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng).
And there is one product which is particularly rich in Gâc:R.G. Skin Revitalizer.
Asian households know since long the medicinal potentials of this fruit and grow it in their garden.
It is a ref fruit resembling a cantaloupe, it is very rich in carotenoids which are in a highly bio-available form (infact your body can absorb these fat-soluble nutrients better than if it were a juice).
Not only, the highly potent antioxidant (licopene),of which this fruit is particularly rich, can also have a strong cellular rejuvenation power.
But its particular benefit comes from being an oil, not a juice, like all the others on the market.
Being an oil makes it fatty soluble and the fat in the fruit pulp is essential for the absorption of those fat soluble nutrients.
To explain it better I will talk about Calcium and Vitamin D.
Many think that skimmed milk has the same effects as the whole milk, without the fattening.
That is utterly wrong.
Because Calcium and Vitamin D are fatty-soluble and the casein (the fat part of the milk) is rich in them.
If you take away all the casein you also take away the Calcium and Vitamin D.
That is why in any diet it is important to keep a part of the fat of milk.
The same applies in this case: it’s the fat in the fruit pulp (about 100 mg/g) that is essential for the absorption of β-carotenes.

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