Thursday, September 20, 2007

Presumed guilty of DUI

What is DUI?

It literally means: Driving Under the Influence of...drugs, alcohol, anything that can impair your driving ability and cause damages to others.

That is (rightly in my opinion) considered a serious offense In California and can lead to harsh legal consequences if the person is convicted.
If you ever happen to be convicted of DUI it is of the highest importance to obtain the services of a DUI defense attorney who has the legal background and knowledge it takes to successfully fight DUI charges.
That is whatLos Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California DUI Lawyers | Criminal & DUI Law Specialists can offer: over 50 years courtroom experience, and experience in all criminal and DUI matters.
With the advent of internet legal marketing, you can easily find many firms or services offering legal advice or attorneys to fight criminal cases.
You should find out which lawyer will represent you in court, and get it in writing. You not only have the right to know who will be your or your loved one's criminal defense lawyer beforehand, but you should also consider it the best way to assure yourself the best defense.

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