Thursday, September 20, 2007

The best of the best of the best

Just when most begin to be fed up and aware that describing a product the best of the best of the best has no power anymore on the impulsive act of buying from the average guy, the same begins to be applyed on other "Market products" generating in such a way the "buying spree " among buyers.
It is not anymore the "night lotion", it becomes the "dream house".
And if you do not have enought cash, you can borrow it, and if your income doesn't afford it, who cares?
You buy today at 100 and sell tomorrow at 150.
You make a profit of 50 without the pain of investing your own money...
That worked and worked well for a certain time.
That is why people who couldn't afford were sure to be able to afford...
That is what happens when the house becomes nothing else than a bond on the stock market.
As long as the market is high, you make profits, if it isn't, they make losses...
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