Sunday, September 09, 2007

Looking is giving the direction to one's sight...

Many people treat sight as a convenient method of avoiding bumping into things or watching television.
"Looking is giving a direction to one's sight" observed Leonardo da Vinci.
If you belong to the ones who believe that what you see and what you notice are not the same thing this post is for you.
If you belong to the ones who want to see more than the naked eye would allow them, this post is for you.
If you belong to the ones who like to look at the sky and see more and more, this post is for you.
Because in this case you needastronomical binoculars which are the required tool to see what you are looking at.
But the sky is not all.
You can look at nature and see things that you would have overlooked.
You can see much better your favorite sports, your favorite play, and many more things ...The limit is just your fantasy...
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