Thursday, September 27, 2007

The importance to have the right hints

To be a good IT expert you have two choices, either to be one or to have the right hints to become one.
When it comes to PPC tools (pay per click) usually when you become an expert is generally too late.
I'll explain better.
When you are involved in it, as all others, you make your own experiences in base on what you read and learn from other experts online.
The result is that when you arrive to the right knowledge you find out it is kind of obsolete, because many others arrived there in the same moment, and all the tricks and hints are just for nothing.
The secret to be succesful is quite simple: learn how and when before the others.
So that your how and when are effective.
How? For example investing in the right e-book.
The same could be written about SEO tools .
In this case it is probably more appropriate a software that includes
- article submissions
- link building and tracking
- keyword rankings checker
- checking competitors incoming links
- Find high page ranked and quality sites
It would help you to save time and reach the goal much sooner than the competition.
And what about search engine marketing hints?
First you need to know all about links.
What is important about them, how to get the most available and the best quality links.
I find this by far the most interesting subject.
I am fond of links and always trying how to get new ones.
Eric Cho is not a magician and doesn't promise 1000 new links.
But he is very good in explaining how it works, what you need and how you can get them.
The rest of course is up to you, but it is certainly much easier with the right hints...
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