Thursday, September 20, 2007

See Australia without spending a fortune

If you ever planed a trip to Australia and you live in Europe, I guess this is the right time.
While here Winter is at the door, there Summer is arriving, and what could be better than leaving a cold place for a nicely warm one?
I would begin with Brisbane.
There Summer can be really hot and late Spring is the right moment to visit it.
After booking your flight you should book in cheap Brisbane hotels.
Then, what to do there?
Do not miss the Cultural Centre,the Lone Pine,a trip on the river, Moreton Bay, the City Botanic Gardens, the Story Bridge.
I am a gardens' lover and would spend most of my time visiting the Gardens, especially in late Spring...
Then I would first book cheap Melbourne hotels .
I would spend there most of my time, because that is my favorite town in Australia.
Because my favorite town in Europe is London, and Melbourne looks a lot like London, with the difference that in London you can be sure to find rain and cold while in Melbourne you can be sure to find a very nice weather.
Besides, it is home to a non-stop program of festivals, renowned dining, major art exhibitions and musical extravaganzas.
My last place to visit would be Sydney.
So Be sure to book also cheap Sydney hotels .
The most famous place of Sydney is of course the Opera House.
You can see it in every picture of Sydney.
Of course seeing it in person is something else.
If you are a fan of the beach you won't be deluded by Bondi Beach.
And also you will enjoy plenty of sun.
If you have children with you (but also if you don't) the Taronga Park Zoo is the Place to be.
But do not forget the Acquarium, neither the Historic Homes or the many Art Galleries or many Museums.
I do not know how long you can stay there, but I think it won't be enough.
The only nice thing is that you can always go back...
Sydney Opera House
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