Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Make a difference

We are made of stardust.
We are children of the stars from the very first moment of the Big Bang whence we came.
I am proud of my Simian ancestry.
I like to think that I was once a magnificent hairy fellow living in the trees.
Who would be so silly as to exchange this for the pallid couple in the Garden of Eden?
Many struggle to achieve immortality, without knowing that YES, WE are Eternal, in the sense that our DNA will go on living far longer than our mortal bodies.
Since the Dawn of Humanity, man has asked himself: what am I here for?
I have a simple answer: Because you ARE, and because you HAVE to make a difference.
In the life you live, a small, a big, an unknown a well known, a good, a bad, A DIFFERENCE.
Because you existed and you had the chance to exist.
I am not sure what kind of difference I can make.
Sometimes I do not even want to make a difference.
I would just like to live, without thinking, without a goal, without a purpose.
Then I think life would be so boring, so unlivable, so senseless and I feel like I want to make a difference.
Among the people I live with, among the flowers of my garden, among the things that surround me.
I want to make this today and that tomorrow, so that the day after tomorrow I can be proud and happy of what I did.
I want to wake up and know I have millions of things to do, duties to fulfill, tasks to enjoy.
Life for me is DOING, is LIVING, is WORKING, is going to be so tired, that my eyes close and I feel so good, just because I am in bed.
And I am so happy, because the simple fact of being able to lie in my bed and sleeping gives me so much pleasure.
The difference is not in being a famous writer, but in writing the things you like to read.
It is not being a famous actor, but living the life you like to live.
It is not having, but being.
A little bit less monkey and a little bit more human.
That is for me making a difference.
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