Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Treating the compulsive Drug User

Every society has used drugs producing profound effects on mood, thought and feeling.
Moreover there were always a few individuals who disgressed from custom with respect to the time, the amount and the situation in which these drugs had to be used.
Thus, the problem of drug abuse is as old as civilization itself.
Since 1970 the opioids were used both for easing withdrawal and for maintenance.
The treatment of compulsive narcotics users with Methadone and similar drugs while having certain advantages, also created problems and public health risks.
Patients participating in programs were sources of illicit diversion of the drug prescribed, thus creating the potential of primary addiction to methadone in others.
In addiction, some intermittent heroin users became severely physically dependent if innapropriately admitted to maintenance programs.
Soon it was clear that with few exceptions chronic maintenance programs for these drugs were of little benefit for the patient.
The same happened and still happens with other rapid detox treatments.
Traditional drug detox programs have a success rate of less than 20% after the first year, others even less.
Waismann Method can claim the highest success rate of any other opiate detox treatment.
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