Saturday, December 13, 2008

Broghammers' Christmas presents

As I pointed out in my previous posts, the Broghammers are a sober family in normal times, and a more than a sober family in recession times.
So, the obvious consequence is that Christmas must be just an excuse to buy things that they would buy also without Christmas.
The only difference will be investing in some nice (original and sober) paper to wrap the useful presents.
Since our office needs badly some technological improvement I guess that most of the presents will be computer stuff.
Of course the shopping will be done mostly online AND in places where we are SURE to have the best prices and eventually some website with discount coupons and online promotion codes for stores that have what we need.
For Mr. Broghammer what about Dell computer deals and specials?
I think that a Inspiron 530 desktop, wouldn't be such a bad idea.
It is just $649 (after the reduction of $270).
But you must buy it before 12/14, which doesn't let me much time...
It is a little bit complicated, but if you are mathematically clever in sorting out the right date, you can find good bargains.
For example you just have two days, but it is worth trying to get it.
I am talking of XPS 630 Desktop which comes at $1299 ($474 off) together with a 20" flat panel display and has Quad-Core processor, 4 GB memory!
Mr. Broghammer could eventually buy for me a new Inkjet printer.
This could be the chance to take advantage of online coupons and internet promotions for inkjet cartridges, laser toner and ink refill kits at
If we really want to save a lot, we could even think of buying a new laser printer, so that we can save on the refill...
A good idea and perfectly in line with our saving policy, would be a Platinum Special Edition Computer Concealed Triple Gusset Briefbag by Jack Georges.
It is true, it is $445, but it is much less than what it would normally cost, is so special and chic, and carries your laptop with subtlety, making sure you are not a target for laptop theft, which in the end would mean a bigger saving (if you think what a laptop costs...)
And is Christmas!
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