Monday, December 08, 2008

In the war between Capitalism and Communism the ones that win are, as usual, the bad guys.

History repeats itself.
Or better, life never changes, because man is what it is and the theatre of life is the way it is.
The strong wins and the weak looses. No change up there, I am sorry.
Once in a while we reach the point of no return, a few heads fall, just to let the "New" bad guys to enter the scene and the "Old" bad guys who didn't want to exit, to disappear.
Everybody is happy, because "Things are changing" "Justice wins".
But what really wins is the unchangeable, inevitable, inexorable, law of nature.
The longer survival is guarantee to the one who (as Nature decrees) is stronger.
No pity, no mercy, no morality.
Those are words that do not exist for Nature and Life.
Those were words created to give some sort of comfort to the weak.
Just like the hope that somewhere somehow, a New life will pay Justice to the ones who deserve it.
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