Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oil scarcity

The oil price is the perfect example of the Philosophical Empiricist' theory's value.
There is no objective reality, the world is the way WE are.
The quantity of oil is huge or little not depending on the quantity of "underground" availability, but on the demand.
I sometimes would like to see the moment in which some people will be invited to "Drink" their oil.
I do not know if that moment will be in my lifetime, but may be it will.
Every alternative energy is cheap if compared to the satisfaction of being "free" from addiction and dependence to oil.
If we were able to live before, why wouldn't we be able to live after?
Speculation on its price was not, in my opinion, a good move.
It made it clear how much our economy depends on it and how much they can play with it.
At least, I hope "they who can" will see it.
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