Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quality pays off more than quantity

The Broghammers are a prolific family.
Together they can count on six children (in reality the younger is 23).
Two on Mrs Broghammer's side and four on Mr. Broghammer's side. But as the parents are different, so the offspring’s.
Mr. Broghammer has no children anymore, while Mrs Broghammer has just two, but feels like she had twenty.
Is is a matter of education.
"A mother is something who is there when children need her".
And her children perfectly understood it. They are there at Christmas, Easter, their birthdays, before the Summer holidays.
Just in case the mother would help a little bit with life expenses.
They are NEVER there on Mother's day.
That is a VERY anachronistic day.
Who cares about commercial festivity?
(Valentine day is different, it involves couples and not family).
So that the Broghammers will have a happy Christmas with the restricted family.
It is quality, not quantity that counts...
A little advice from Mrs Broghammer: make independent children, but not too much...
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