Friday, December 12, 2008

Debt drowning?

If this could be of any psychological help, you are not alone.
It looks like lately many a blokes have lost control of the financial side of life and made a little too many debts.
They ALL want a new start.
But, as usual, BEFORE a brand new start, there must be an old settlement.
You usually cannot say good bye to debts, unless you pay them.
So, what to do?
Easier said than done, but do not despair. There is always a solution, you just need to find the best one.
You can chose a Debt Settlement, for as much as 50% of what you owe...Doesn't it sound great?
Of course 100% would be better, but it is just IMPOSSIBLE.
You could be debt free in six-thirty months.
What do you have to do?
Just contact the Debt Settlement Services, fix a meeting and discuss.
They will provide free consultation and explain how much you can eventually save.
They will discuss the matter and you bet, they know how to...
Well, it is not exactly like in the Godfather movie, they do not usually use those ways, they are more on the legal side...but that doesn't mean they cannot provide you a very good settlement.
Besides, it really pays to give it a try.
You can avoid bankruptcy, which would not allow you a new start.
They will be able to lower the due amount, giving you a decent drop in your monthly payments. You will save money in interest rates and more easily pay what you have to.
Bankruptcy means a severe damage in credit ratings and very often the beginning of the end.

But if you are not far behind in your credit card bills and haven't messed up your credit, what you need is just a debt management.
Which in a few words is : you need someone to take care (better care) of the financial side of your life BEFORE you get to a further , more serious point.
What is exactly a debt management?
Imagine a company that will negotiate with your credit card companies to lower interest rates, stop the late fees and then combine the totals into one low (affordable, they will create a budget) monthly payment which will be possible to pay out over three years.
Three years to finally get freedom and good sleep at night.
The good sleep is something you can have immediately, after you transfer your burdens to them.
So, drowning?
There is a big hand helping you...
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