Monday, December 22, 2008

Family's gossip

The main subject in my ex ex husband's (it is not a typing mistake, I had three husbands and he being the first, is the one who deserves two ex) family is inheritance.
My daughter knows everything about the family law (what concerns Wills and so on).
If you need a lawyer in this matter, you should first consult her.
And she finds it such an interesting matter that she loves to discuss anybody's inheritance.
When she meets somebody she likes to see their genealogic tree and discuss about all the possible chances.
Dying with a Will or without.
Being direct descendants or not.
More than anything having something to leave or not...
For what concerns her, I am sure she won't even let her successors the money to pay for funeral expenses (but she wants to be cremated anyhow).
I think the main reason people like her are so keen of inheritance is that, producing and saving nothing themselves they like to dream about other people's money and what they would do with it...
As for me, I put a stone on inheritances long ago.
As my mother always said there is a curse on our family: whatever we should and could inherit always managed to go to somebody else.
We are not the "Inheritors Type"...
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