Monday, December 15, 2008

The Broghammers' coffee time

I guess Italy is the only place in the World where you can have up to 20 types of a different coffee.
And this IS one of the specialities of the Broghammer family.
In principle our way of living is quite boring, especially in winter.
What makes it so special is the way we live it, new, unexpected, and surprising.
Every day in its boring ordinarily way can be a surprising event.
We begin with the morning coffee.
It is Never the same.
We can use the same coffee machine, but the outcome can change enormously.
Of course it depends on the one who makes it.
Mine is usually more milk than coffee.
Sweeter and smaller. I use MY middle size cups.
Mr. Broghammer uses huge cups where he pours litres of coffee which have in common with it mostly the colour, a few drops of boiled milk and a big smile" Honey I made a wonderful foam".
Well he really is a master in foams.
The coffee cup looks like a beer mug, one of those they serve at "Muenchen Beer Fest".
I always say he could compete and has good chances to win some kind of a Guinness for the "Cappuccino foam".
I guess the cappuccino, together with the lasagne is (or at least was) one of the Italian main attractions for Germans.
So much that our "Cappuccino" became in the 60s "Kappuccino".
Lasagne didn't have to change the name, it was enough the taste.
Germans had tears in their eyes when they talked about Italy.
That is why they do not come here anymore.
You cannot find a decent dish of lasagne anywhere and as for the Kappuccino, Lavazza and Nescafe invented a home machine that makes the coffee as good as in any Italian bar.
Why bother to come to Italy?
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