Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home, sweet and dear home....

My home is very dear to me, in every sense.
But nevertheless I wouldn’t like to loose it.
Lately, with this climate changes, the risks of having a fire or a flood or a falling tree, have upgraded so much that having an insurance is unavoidable if you want to sleep at night...
I guess that this is valid for apartments too.
In a home you ALWAYS risk some damages, especially if the plumbing is old or not perfect.
Not only you need an insurance, you need a GOOD insurance that can cover all the eventual risks.
Something like Breckenridge Home Insurance. They even offer discounts, if you agree on a higher deductibles.
(The deductible is the amount YOU pay upfront in case of damages).
This isn't as bad as it can look.
Paying a little percentage is ALWAYS much better than the full amount, and the insurance for it will be very affordable.
You can also agree in not pretending housing in the case your home isn't fit anymore to live in for a certain period.
If you have relatives or friends who can have you as a guest (just in case)this could be a good way to lower your insurance bill.
Another thing you should keep in mind is that sometimes it is worth to pay little bit more for a replacement insurance that will cover ALL your possessions at the value of "AS NEW", instead of the cheaper cash value policy that will pay you just the depreciated value of your belongings.
If you want to try how much is going to be your insurance (any type) at Liberty Insurance, you can use the free calculator on their website.
May be you can find out that peace of mind is not so expensive, after all...
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