Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Broghammers prepare for Christmas

No big trees.
Big trees would mean big or small presents under them.
The Broghammers are a sober family.
They never waste money, least in recession times.
They invested some time ago in a nice set of wooden candles with a Santa (also in wood) that came at a convenient price in a Shop in Dresden.
The candles are small and consume very little energy.
In order to save more energy, Mr. Broghammer put a watch on the switch.
It switches on at 5.30 PM and off at 7.30 PM.
We decided for 7.30 because it is in a window which faces the main street.
This street is frequented in business hours only and it is an outrageous waste of money and electricity to keep it on when there is practically nobody who can see and enjoy it...
The watch is the one we use for watering the garden when we are away, so not further cost to the technical device.
"Everybody should learn from us" is the usual saying of Mr. Broghammer and of course Mrs Broghammer agrees.
She always agrees when the subject is related to saving.
And what is better saving of energy than something the only thing you have to do is wrapping or unwrapping and connecting to the switch?
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