Monday, December 22, 2008

You never have a second choice to make the first impression

These are some suggestions not to loose the chance to make a good first impression.
Remember: it is not important what you are, it is important how you look.

1: Respond within 24 Hours

The people who run the most successful companies are the most responsive.
Even if you don't have an immediate answer, acknowledge receiving an e-mail or voice message within 24 hours or less, and let the person know you're considering the request or taking action on it.

2: Greet People with Enthusiasm

Pay attention to people and their requests.
Let them think you are actually happy to talk to them.

3: Make Eye Contact

Look into the eyes. You have nothing to hide. It will help to make a powerful and lasting impression

4: Leave Smart Voice Messages

Few words, well said. Precise and clear.

5: Respect Contacts

If someone gives you a card, it's an invitation to begin a conversation not to fill their in-boxes with solicitations.

6: Mind Your E-Mail

Say what you have to say in few words.
Time is money, yours and others'.

7: Remember Small Touches

Nothing is more successful than a few handwritten notes.
It gives a touch of "personal" and "special".

Business is usually competitive, much more in difficult periods.
It pays thinking sometimes how YOU would like to be treated, to know how to make the best first impression.
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